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Creative sound design: sound effects, foley, original compositions & audio editing for games and video. We also write on music related topics.

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Mixed Media

sound design, audio engineering, arranging, scoring, lead sheets, composition

  • Title: Theme Music and Soundscape
    Category: composition, soundscape
    Summary: New theme music created for Melissa West's popular weekly yoga show, as well as a 55 minute soundscape which is played in the background during the show. The theme music appears early in the video. The soundscape includes nature sounds, as well as several original compositions to complement Melissa's presentation.

  • Title: Gold Rush (external link)
    Category: sound effects
    Summary: Sound effects for android and iphone game.
  • Title: Link (external link)
    Category: audio, sound design
    Summary: Created Sound effects for popular smartphone/tablet game Link and related titles for Darren Gates

  • Title: String Quartet (wav)
    Category: musical arrangements, audio
    Summary: Transcription & Recording of a solo guitar piece (F. Sor) for string quartet
  • headphones Title: Ambient - Chill (Excerpt mp3)
    Category: musical compositions, audio
    Summary: Original ambient composition. Very chill, laid back listening
  • smartphone Title: Sample Alerts (mp3)
    Category: audio, sound design
    Summary: Short alerts used for games and smart phones. Previous clients include MobGen
  • Title: Amazing Grace (pdf)
    Category: lead sheet
    Summary: Lead sheet with melody, chord symbols, and lyrics.
  • Title: Rocky Mountain Cascade (external link)
    Category: ambient composition
    Summary: Soundscape including nature sounds from Vancouver supporting ambient compositions
  • Title: Solo Piano Recording (mp3)
    Category: musical performance, recording
    Summary: Solo classical piano recording of a Brahms Waltz
  • Title: Piano Score - excerpt (pdf)
    Summary: Piano score of Mozart Sonata with phrasing, articulations
  • Title: Piano Sweep (mp3)
    Category: audio, sound design
    Summary: Ten second audio Bumper for podcast
  • Title: Classical Guitar Excerpts
    Category: music, performance, recording
    Summary: Live classical guitarist recording

Writing Services

articles, ebooks, editing projects

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